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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Top Tweets

I love the text messaging social network called TWITTER and you can follow me on it, I use the name CW CHAT for my Live Chat on the CW News at Ten.

I often see really funny quotes, that all the creative tweeple (people who twitter) come up with! This one wins this week!

"Ice found on Mars. Still no scotch on which to pour it."
That's from Steviesaf

Have you heard any good lines this week? Share them here.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Street View Google Maps - Amazing!

Wow... have you heard? Have you already checked it out?

Google maps now offers street view for the Greenville area!

You can click on a little person at the location you are heading to, and see exactly what the location looks like! It's crazy.

Our anchor/reporter Chris Cato and I were chatting about this on set tonight, and he was kind of annoyed that at his house his wife's car is in the picture (though the tag is blurred out). Chris said, "I'm just glad they didn't take the picture when her boyfriend was there!" LOL!

Now Chris is just joking.. but imagine.. you are a cheater and they happen to take the shots when you're at the girlfriends place! YIKES!

There are people I follow on Twitter, like THINKHAMMER who want to know if any local folks have been captured in the shots. Have you seen yourself on Google Maps StreetView? Let me know.

I'm posting a video tour to show you what its like,so check it out and tell me what you think!!

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Filling in, it isn't as easy as it looks

Chris Cato makes it look easy when he fills in for Tom Crabtree, but let me show you that its not!

Chris is an excellent reporter, and when he fills in anchoring, he still has to do that job too!

So tonight I caught him doing what I always see him doing when he's wearing both hats... using commercial breaks to write his intoduction and closing comments for his story.

So check it out, and hats off to Chris for wearing so many dog gone hats!

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The first newscast in the nation where you chat live with the anchor and other viewers about the stories in the show. Join us!

Wake up to the power of the net!

Chew on this for a minute! Half of all adults in the U.S. have blogged, texted, or used social networks to connect with others. HALF of all adults.

And when you isolate the 18 to 34 year olds, the numbers reveal 9 out of 10 are using these forms of communication.

Terry Heaton, one of my favorite bloggers on the digital age, shares those important numbers, in his recent Po Mo Blog.

Its a very interesting read for those paying attention to social media.

And if you aren't paying attention, time to wake up!

The coffee's been brewing for a while and if you don't start sipping, it's going to taste pretty nasty!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Amber Alert for little girl

The hunt is on for a little girl and another woman in an Amber Alert.
You can read more about the faces you're looking at here on and look for updates there as well.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amy Wood teasing Your CW News at 10 Behind the Scenes

Teasing the News - Amy Wood takes you behind the scenes on Your CW News at Ten and News Channel 7 WSPA

During programming at night you see us come on, telling you about the stories we'll have on our late newscasts.

Those short updates aren't live.

We tape them after our 6 o'clock show.

I shot behind the scenes with my cell cam, to show you how it works.

Keep in mind since I anchor both the CW News at Ten and News Channel 7 at 11, I wind up sitting on set recording teases and web elements for 20 to 30 minutes, from 6:30 to 7:00.

And when they don't go right, we start over. Fun, Fun Fun! It can take a while!

So check out how it works!

CW LIVE CHAT weeknights on Your CW News at Ten (cable 9, Direct TV 62) The first newscast in the nation where you chat live with the anchor and other viewers about the stories in the show nightly.

Stopping Teen Pregnancy

Babies having babies.

No one recommends it.

Everyone says they want to help stop it.

And 450 people who work at it everyday are spending the better part of this week honing their skills in Greenville.

It's the annual conference for the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. The first time this meeting has been held outside of Charleston!

I was honored to be invited to represent television news on a media panel. We helped organizations learn how to work with the media.

Colleagues from the State Newspaper Health and Fitness Reporter Czerne Reid and the Greenville News and Upstate Parent Magazine's Pete Martin joined me.

When I got to the office, I posted my interview taped as we wrapped up the session at the Hyatt Thursday morning, with the organizations Public Relations Director, Cayci Banks.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Smart Drivers react to 10 dollar a gallon gas in Italy!

Smart Drivers React to 10 dollar a gallon gas in Italy

Ten bucks a gallon for gas! And you thought we had it bad in South Carolina?

You don't wonder for long why the cars are so small and compact in Italy.

Have you ever seen a Smart Car? It's sharp in more ways than one.

Sure the streets are super narrow and sure, the parking is easier to find when you drive something that's the size of a the engine area on some of Americas bigger vehicles.

But the locals say its the gas prices that really drive the size of the cars that are popular in Italy and other European cities.

Makes me wonder how long it will take American manufacturers to react with more small sized fuel efficient American vehicles?

And how high the prices will have to get at home before more Americans are willing to buy them!

Gracie's first kiss!

Gracie's first kiss

When you travel to Europe it's a challenge to get everyones body clock adjusted.

So while my husband and Bianna and Jami napped, my 4 year old Gracie and I decided to head out for a little mother daughter time.

Keep in mind she's got about 15 inches of long blonde hair and killer blue eyes. Plus she has chosen some high heeled sandals and a cute dress for our little adventure out on the nearby alley-like, quaint streets of Rome.

There are cafes lining the street with people outside pointing and calling. "Bella" and "Linda". They are turning and pointing to Gracie and oohing and aahing.

We all think our children our beautiful, but I must say this reaction to my sweet Gracie was quite overwhelming. And so endearing.

We go into a ring shop looking at jewelry and the next thing you know a little italian boy approaches.

He couldn't have been more than 7 years old and he immediately comes up to Gracie and grabs her cheeks in his hand and in italian talks about how "bella" she is. (Translation beautiful).

He runs back over to his grandmother and Gracie is trying to understand what is going on, when he races back to her and leans over, and this time kisses her on the cheek and gives her a hug.

He runs off again and Gracie looks embarrassed and says - "did you see that," but before I can answer he is back.

He grabs one of her hands and gives her two or thee kisses on it.

She blushes and then turns to me and says, "Mom I got my first kiss!"

She holds her hand up to her cheek.

The store personal proceed to tell me that the boy had said "I met the love of my life." And that he called Gracie delicioso - delicious!

My little four year old was beside herself with pride in this experience.
I can only imagine the stories she will tell in 4K this fall about the boy who loves her in Italy, where she got her first kiss.

Those romantic Italians sure leave their mark!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Rome is a hotbed of history.

The ancient mixing with the modern is a provocative combination that gets the mind and senses on high alert as soon as you drive in from the airport past the old town massive walls that still remain and off in the distance you spot the exterior of the Coliseum.

As soon as my girls saw the coliseum, they both gasped in amazement.

Gracie at 4 for the thrill of seeing something she'd seen in a book come to life.

Brianna at 12 having studied ancient Rome in depth in the fifth grade, for the reasons you and I would gasp too.

That after thousands of years it still stands.

Every where I go here I think of those who labored to build these incredible places and how proud they would be to see the way the world respects what they accomplished and appreciates it.

Then you start to wonder what am I doing now? What am I contributing now to my society, that will have a lasting positive impact thousands of years from now.

It is hard to compete with those Romans. But we'd better try

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vacation! PHEW!

I am officially in VACATION MODE! Check out the vacation blog on LIVE CHAT CONTINUES AT 10 be a GUEST BLOGGER!

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Daughter Gracie tries out her new ride at American Storage Annual Meeting Lake Bowen

We had some great fun at my husband's company picnic at Lake Bowen. Gracie got introduced to the world of motorcyles by one of my husbands managers.

Apathy got to fight it!

Close to thirty candidates in one place.
One stop shopping for Greenville County voters.

Yet few took advantage of the opportunity.

At first I thought it might be pretty overwhelming too. Not the number one place I wanted to be on a sunny Saturday.

But I must say I have found it to be very eye opening. And very important to truly learning where the candidates stand on the issues.

We have problems on the local scene. Traffic congestion. Gangs. Jobs. Education.

They can't change if people don't pay attention and get involved.

We spent a week asking for questions for the candidates. We got one. One question sent in. That's it.

I urge you to get informed pay attention and vote!
Amy Wood
"Sent via BlackBerry."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blown Away by BMW Celebrity Pro Am

Technorati Profile

During the BMW Charity Pro Am they launched a new ad, to show off the upstate. The slogan- I was blown away. And I was blown away.. by the tournament! Those of us who live down at Carolina Country Club, were so proud that the community embraced the tournament in such a big way. Here are some celebrity pics!

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Those secret talents

You never know just how talented your co workers are until one of them surprises you.

Producer Sandra Renrick whipped out her paddle ball and the rest is history! Enjoy.

Have a great weekend pursuing your hidden talents!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What a life!

Don't you sometimes wish you were young again. Carefree again.

You know when you'd head out into the real world in your nightgown and high heels to play ball!

My four year old Gracie reminded me of that stress free world this morning when she headed into the garage without a worry.

That's what is one of the best parts of being a mommy.

It keeps you in touch with some of the best parts of yourself!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My little Kidcaster

You can't blame them.

The children see the ads on Channel 7 and 62 asking for your Kidcaster entries.

It's their chance to show they can do the weather and earn an appearance with Dan Bickford on the Daybreak show one Friday morning in May.

I am guessing parents are experiencing what I am, at my house. Little ones tugging on your pant leg saying, "Mommy get the camera."

What you are about to see is the result of that tug at my house from my just turned 4 year old Gracie.

She can't enter... but I couldn't deny her the audition!

Hope you are all having loads of fun with the kidcaster contest.

Good luck!

Women Giving Big Bucks!

When women come together - they can do anything! Spartanburg proved it today, at its first annual Women Giving for Spartanburg annual meeting.
200 thousand dollars was granted to area non-profits! And this is year one!
How did they raise all that money? 200 women, gave a thousand dollar each, knowing that if they came together they could have an impact.
They presented grants today to 10 organizationsChristmas in Action gets 10 thousand dollars for its emergency fund, to help with emergency repairs to homes in Spartanburg.Spartanburg Terrace Tenants Association's reading and drama literacy program gets 15 thousand.HALTER the handicapped riding program based at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind gets 20 thousand dollars to help build an indoor arena.Mobile Meals gets 30 thousand dollars to hire an additional nurse to handle the 10 thousand visits they make to the homebound in Spartanburg.The Bearden Josey Breast Health Center 30,000 dollars to create a large support group and get a nurse specialist to help patients and their families cope with the mental and social side of the disease.SOAR Academy, the areas only therapeutic education program for 12 month to 5 yr olds, gets 30 thousand dollars.Family Care Council, gets 30, 000 dollars to work with the Girl Scouts on the teen pregnancy problem.And Safe Homes Rape Crisis gets 35 thousand dollars to help get a new shelter for women who are caught up in Domestic Violence.
Congratulations to the women of Spartanburg for making a difference!
Greenville, by the way, launched its Women Giving group last year. This year they have 240 members and will present their grants in just a couple of weeks. If you'd like to be part of either group, here are the links to get more information!
Many Thanks to the Herald Journal for this wonderful picture of the event!
Spartanburg Women Giving Greenville Women Giving

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hail storm excitment on a Saturday

It looked like winter for a few minutes this afternoon. What a crazy Spring Saturday. Did you get hail at your house?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Peeling back the curtain online

We talk alot about peeling back the curtain in television news, letting our viewers into the room to understand how we do what we do.

One of the interesting discoveries of CW Live Chat's impact, is just that. We're peeling back the curtain to reveal how we put a show together.

As the anchor, I chat live with viewers who log into the CW Live Chat room on our website, while they watch the news.

I log in early, at least 10 minutes before the start of the show. So I'm already interacting with the chatting viewers before the show hits air.

That creates all kinds of opportunities to tell them the top story is still being edited, we're waiting for video to be fed in from the scene, we're just learning some new details about our top story, etc.

In commercial breaks I can give them a heads up on a breaking story, that we'll cover coming out of the break.

And it's not just me chatting anymore. My colleagues are all intrigued. My producer logs in every night, and sometimes so does our photo journalist, our reporter and our meteorologist.

They've used the live chat to get a total time to the producer fast, or feed in a last minute nugget.

Viewers can get quick questions to me for the nugget of info they were looking for in a story that wasn't there. And I can give them answers.

When they ask for my political opinions they learn about journalism and the need for someone like me to stay impartial.

It's instant, it is live and it is extremely engaging and revealing. I'm really enjoying the view with those curtains wide open in CW Live chat at Ten!

Texting in comments to Your CW News at Ten

Twitter. Love the name. You can twitter... be twittered... be twittering. It's a whole new world.

I am just beginning to explore, and have created a Twitter for CW Live Chat and one for my friends where I can follow folks I enjoy.

I've also got a secured twitter for my family, so that in a crisis we can communicate. Heck the crisis most days is that everyone is busy and headed in 15 different directions!

Twitter is a text messaging service at its heart. That means folks who can't join CW Live Chat because they don't have a computer, can now join in on the conversation during Your CW News at Ten, through Twitter.

On Twitter you can also use instant messaging, and the web to stay in touch.

If you want to be up to date on the CW Live Chat topics and what I'm up to during the day, and text in comments during your CW News at Ten, just sign up for Twitter and search CW Chat and then click the follow button!

If you don't have a computer then send a text message to this number 40404 and type in the words -- follow cwchat

It's easy!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogger Debut

It's great to be on Blogger. Hope you will try LIVE CHAT on my CW Show at Ten. It's a blast.

I am always left smiling by the amusing comments our viewers share with me during the show, depending on the topic of course. You people are funny!

Our viewers who join us online in the Chat Room during the show, add important perspective to our coverage, giving the CW News at Ten a real world feel, that reflects what people in the community think about the news.

I always appreciate the honest feedback. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The crowd is growing and we want you to be part of the only news where you can gather with new friends and talk about kids driving with cell phones, the Pope's visit, crime trends, pickle popsickles, Christy's baby and more!

You decide the important topics. You tell us what you care about. You drive the chat. That's the way it should be!

CW News at Ten First with LIVE CHAT

Make sure to tune in to WYCW Channel 62 (cable 9) to chat live with me and my viewers as I anchor the CW News at Ten.

You get to react instantly to the stories we're following, vote in our LIVE webpoll and talk over the stories with people from across the upstate.

Join us in the CW Live Chat Room live weeknights at Ten!