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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Women Giving Big Bucks!

When women come together - they can do anything! Spartanburg proved it today, at its first annual Women Giving for Spartanburg annual meeting.
200 thousand dollars was granted to area non-profits! And this is year one!
How did they raise all that money? 200 women, gave a thousand dollar each, knowing that if they came together they could have an impact.
They presented grants today to 10 organizationsChristmas in Action gets 10 thousand dollars for its emergency fund, to help with emergency repairs to homes in Spartanburg.Spartanburg Terrace Tenants Association's reading and drama literacy program gets 15 thousand.HALTER the handicapped riding program based at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind gets 20 thousand dollars to help build an indoor arena.Mobile Meals gets 30 thousand dollars to hire an additional nurse to handle the 10 thousand visits they make to the homebound in Spartanburg.The Bearden Josey Breast Health Center 30,000 dollars to create a large support group and get a nurse specialist to help patients and their families cope with the mental and social side of the disease.SOAR Academy, the areas only therapeutic education program for 12 month to 5 yr olds, gets 30 thousand dollars.Family Care Council, gets 30, 000 dollars to work with the Girl Scouts on the teen pregnancy problem.And Safe Homes Rape Crisis gets 35 thousand dollars to help get a new shelter for women who are caught up in Domestic Violence.
Congratulations to the women of Spartanburg for making a difference!
Greenville, by the way, launched its Women Giving group last year. This year they have 240 members and will present their grants in just a couple of weeks. If you'd like to be part of either group, here are the links to get more information!
Many Thanks to the Herald Journal for this wonderful picture of the event!
Spartanburg Women Giving Greenville Women Giving

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