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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Rome is a hotbed of history.

The ancient mixing with the modern is a provocative combination that gets the mind and senses on high alert as soon as you drive in from the airport past the old town massive walls that still remain and off in the distance you spot the exterior of the Coliseum.

As soon as my girls saw the coliseum, they both gasped in amazement.

Gracie at 4 for the thrill of seeing something she'd seen in a book come to life.

Brianna at 12 having studied ancient Rome in depth in the fifth grade, for the reasons you and I would gasp too.

That after thousands of years it still stands.

Every where I go here I think of those who labored to build these incredible places and how proud they would be to see the way the world respects what they accomplished and appreciates it.

Then you start to wonder what am I doing now? What am I contributing now to my society, that will have a lasting positive impact thousands of years from now.

It is hard to compete with those Romans. But we'd better try

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