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Monday, June 23, 2008

Street View Google Maps - Amazing!

Wow... have you heard? Have you already checked it out?

Google maps now offers street view for the Greenville area!

You can click on a little person at the location you are heading to, and see exactly what the location looks like! It's crazy.

Our anchor/reporter Chris Cato and I were chatting about this on set tonight, and he was kind of annoyed that at his house his wife's car is in the picture (though the tag is blurred out). Chris said, "I'm just glad they didn't take the picture when her boyfriend was there!" LOL!

Now Chris is just joking.. but imagine.. you are a cheater and they happen to take the shots when you're at the girlfriends place! YIKES!

There are people I follow on Twitter, like THINKHAMMER who want to know if any local folks have been captured in the shots. Have you seen yourself on Google Maps StreetView? Let me know.

I'm posting a video tour to show you what its like,so check it out and tell me what you think!!

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